Monday, October 7, 2013

Campaign to Raise the Minimum Wage

Are you concerned about the growing poverty levels in our communities? Want to do something about it? Then join us!

Friday October 11th, 2013
10:00 am to 12:00 am
No Frills
Welland Ave/Bunting Rd, St. Catharines
We will be distributing leaflets and collecting signatures on a petition.

Saturday November 9th, 2013
Guest speaker: Pam Frache,
Minimum Wage Campaign
Club Capri, 36 Cleveland, Thorold

For more information please contact
or call 905-932-1646
Minimum wage in Ontario has been frozen at $10.25 for three years.  There is a campaign to raise the minimum wage to $14.00/hour at in order to help bring workers and their families above the poverty line.  Visit the web site to send tweets and e-mails to Premier Wynne, and to learn more about the campaign.

Ontario workers are struggling to get by working 2 or 3 low paying jobs. No one should work full
time and yet still live in poverty. The minimum wage has been frozen at $10.25 for three years and there has been a large increase in the number of people living in poverty.

Minimum Wage

Low Income Measure (1)

% Below LIM


$10.25 per hour

$18,655 per year (2)

$ 21,772 per year



$10.25 per hour

$18,655 per year (2)

$ 23,105 per year (3)


1) Statistics Canada " Low Income Lines 2011-2012" June 2013

2) Based on a 35 hour work week.

3) Based on an estimated two percent increase in CPI each year since 2010. The actual increase in the Ontario all items CPI was 3.1 percent in 2011, 1.4 percent in 2012 and is not available for 2013.

An increase in the minimum wage to $14.00 in 2013 would bring workers and their families 10% above the poverty line – and a commitment to annual cost-of-living adjustments.  

Toronto Star editorial: Don't Wait, Boost the minimum wage