Tuesday, April 12, 2016

April 15 Rally

Join us for a rally outside of Jim Bradley's office as we as we fight for $15 and Fairness. 
April 15, 2015 at 10 am to 10:30 am
2 Secord Drive, Unit 2
St. Catharines

This day of action is especially timely, as we wait for the Interim Report of the Changing Workplaces Review. Last year we lobbied our Niagara MPPS for much needed changes to Ontario Employment Standards and the Labour Law. We presented our briefs to the review panel outlining our concerns and our recommended changes .
On April 15, we want to remind our MPPs that workers want:

  • A $15 minimum wage with no exemptions for any worker 
  • Decent hours that we can live on
  • Paid sick days
  • Respect at work
  • Rules that protect everyone
Through province-wide organizing, the Campaign to Raise the Minimum Wage made major gains winning an increase to the minimum wage and indexation to inflation in 2014. But we know that workers need more than that to be lifted out of poverty, have decent jobs and live healthy lives. So we're taking our fight to the next level and launching the Fight for $15 and Fairness! 

Our fight is part of a larger movement that is gaining momentum across North America. April 15 is a global day of action in the Fight for $15. Workers will be walking off the job in over 100 US cities, with solidarity actions in 40 countries around the world. 

Community and labour groups across Ontario are organizing actions for $15 and fairness. 

April 15th rally at MPP Bradley office on Secord Drive, St. Catharines

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